Chief of Staff Jeremy Kennedy
Communications Director Scott Ogden
Press Secretary Lindsay Crete
Legislative Director Tom Abello
Senior Policy Advisor/Legislative Affairs Bethany Beausang
Senior Policy Advisor/Legislative Affairs Mary Anne Turowski
Senior Policy Advisor/Legislative Affairs Joe Marro
Legislative Coordinator/Office Manager Greg Pierce
Chief Legal Counsel Jerry Reid
Law Clerk Tim Feeley
Director of Opioid Response Gordon Smith
Director of Boards and Commissions Melissa Missy O'Neal-Low
Deputy Director of Boards and Commissions Joe Boucher
Director of Constituent Casework Martha Currier
Director of Constituent Correspondence Dorian Cole
Special Asst. to the Governor & the Chief of Staff Michael Perry
Executive Assistant to the Governor Trevor Doiron
Administrative Assistant Lexie Jamieson
Director of Office of Policy, Innovation, and the Future Hannah Pingree
Director of the Governor’s Energy Office Dan Burgess
Director of the Blaine House Leslie Oster